A Comprehensive 60 Day Applied Creative-Thinking Program (self-directed with expert coaching and trail guide) Designed to...


  • Learn and apply a practical and repeatable creative-thinking process, and set of tools to accelerate innovation
  • Learn and apply the process and tools in a disciplined and planned way that significantly increases the likelihood that the skills,     process, and tools will take root
  • Develop a cadence to strengthen a rich set of cognitive and versatility creative-thinking skills
  • Receive timely performance and development feedback from a highly experienced creative-thinking coach
  • Transfer the repeatable creative-thinking skills, process, and tools across the organization
  • Re-energize your motivation, passion, and resilience - and get your creative juices flowing at a high rate.

The program is designed for individuals and teams who have a time-pressed need to improve their creative-thinking, problem-solving, and facilitation skills.

Learning Objectives:
Upon the completion of the program, participants will...


  • Learn and apply a researched based, practical, and repeatable creative-thinking process
  • Use a rich array of creative thinking skills, process, tools, and exercises that increase the quantity and quality of innovative     ideas and solutions
  • Strengthen, develop, and select innovative solutions and actions plans for real business opportunities
  • Identify the factors that affect creativity in teams, and design methods and techniques to foster collaboration, creativity, and     synergy
  • Identify the barriers to individual creativity, and develop barrier busting practices to overcome them
  • Rediscover a spirit of creativity, innovation, and risk taking through unconventional activities, learning exercises and experiences

Experience Description:
The program is an intensive (self-directed and coaching) 60 day immersion in developing and applying creative-thinking skills, process, and tools. This customized dynamic approach enables participants to encounter immediate learning, receive expert feedback, and to apply their learning to develop innovative solutions to their real world challenges, opportunities, problems, and/or projects. The program is designed to develop a steady cadence so that participants can think and behave in a fresh, creative, and highly productive manner. The following outlines the major components of the program.

The Trail Guide to Innovation Program @ a Glance, depicted below, outlines the components of the program. The program is comprised of a sponsor, creative-thinking practitioner, a creative-thinking cohort and a creative-thinking coach.


The role of the sponsor is to:


  • Assist in defining and scoping the challenge, or project to be worked on
  • Provide guidance and feedback throughout the challenge or project
  • Assist in removing or minimizing any roadblocks that crop up along the way


Creative-Thinking Practitioner
The role of the creative-thinking practitioner is to:


  • Attend opening and closing workshops (when applicable) where you gain valuable practice in facilitating creative-thinking     meetings
  • Facilitate on the job creative-thinking meetings throughout the 30 day guided program
  • Apply divergent and convergent creative thinking tools on a weekly basis against the identified challenge or project
  • Journal key learning’s, insights, barriers, and darn good creative-thinking practices
  • Receive feedback from designated feedback providers
  • Collaborate with a creativity coach and receive expert feedback
  • Exchange darn good creative-thinking practices, and gain additional insights from the creative-thinking cohort.


Creative-Thinking Cohort
The creative-thinking cohort is a de-facto learning group that you may go through the program with (based on timing and schedules). The role of the creative-thinking cohort is to:


  • Share darn good creative-thinking practices and insights
  • Use one another as sounding boards for creative-thinking ideas, tools, techniques, and practices
  • Build a network of creative-thinking colleagues for a broad-based, diverse, and steady supply of ideas, tools, techniques, and     practices


Creativity Coach
The creativity coach is the guide for the program. Their role is to:


  • Facilitate the opening and closing workshops (when applicable)
  • Conduct weekly coaching sessions with the creative-thinking practitioner
  • Provide expert feedback and guidance
  • Facilitate on-going darn good practice exchanges during and after the completion of the 60 day program


Each week is designed and sequenced for the creative-thinking practitioner to develop and use a set of creative-thinking skills, process, and tools to increase their creative-thinking capacity. In essence the creative-thinking practitioner lives with specific skills, process, and tools each week for eight weeks.

Upon completing each week, the creative-thinking practitioner documents key learning’s. On a bi-weekly basis the creative-thinking practitioner has a discussion with the creativity coach. And on a monthly basis, the creative-thinking practitioner’s share key learning’s and darn good practices with the creative-thinking cohort.