Get Creativity Fit – Week of September 27, 2021

Micro-Burst beyonder - featured

was born to run fast and exemplifies that Imagination will Prevail.  She has the unique Powers to Rain and Select novel and feasible ideas.  Being a prolific idea rainmaker she significantly increases the odds of having novel and feasible ideas because she generates an abundance of them.  She is cut from the cloth that more and novel is better – and not that less is more.  She works from a bountiful harvest of ideas…and then converges and whittles them down to the best, most valuable ones.


  1. Defer Judgment when Diverging: Possibly the cardinal diverging principle and maybe the most difficult.  Unfortunately, we’re well trained to not to defer judgment – and not to 1st identify what’s right with and the potential of an idea.  Instead, we often react to new ideas in the opposite way – by 1st pointing out what’s wrong with them.  The key is to defer judgment by separating the task of generating ideas from judging them.  Put some time distance between the two tasks, give new ideas a fighting chance to take root, to take hold and blossom.  It’s analogous to writing in that you can’t write and edit simultaneously – you have to time separate the two efforts in order to do both of them well.
  2. Set a Weekly Idea Quota: With a specific challenge/problem/opportunity  where you have energy and need novel ideas to solve, set an idea quota – e.g., ‘I will produce 20 ideas this week to solve the challenge of how to consistently exercise.’  Hold yourself accountable to meet or exceed the quota – don’t make it too easy or too arduous.  Generating a minimum of 20 ideas weekly (that’s only three a day) against a well-defined challenge/problem/opportunity you want to solve is quite workable.
  3. Diverge and Seek Wild and Unusual Ideas: The wild and more unusual the better.  It’s far more exhilarating to try to ride a wild mustang than to try to get a chuck horse to gallop.  Go beyond the obvious and more-of-the-same and strive for novelty and uniqueness.  New ideas or pieces of ideas are most often at or beyond the boundaries (what we believe is logical and feasible).  Yes, you have to fall in every once in a while to see how close to the edge you are.  With novelty and uniqueness in hand, then move forward and ‘tame’ the wild ideas to be valuable and feasible.  The process is fun, exciting and profitable.

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