Get Creativity Fit – Week of October 18, 2021


…has the unique ability to Take a Break and Incubate on ideas, generate additional ones and put together new, unique combinations.  Being a student of physics, he has keen insight and realizes that ideas have varying frequencies, can flow and refract in different directions – to expand wide beyond current boundaries and to contract in between the lines.  By integrating his ideas from his Sidekick Micro-Burst, he develops a host of unique idea combinations

His Powers are:

  • Borrow It
  • Elaborate
  • Make New Combinations

Take these three actions this week to Get Creativity Fit, strengthen your creative thinking muscle and anchor the creative habit to be repeatable.

  1. Borrow It by thinking analogically and borrow ideas from one context and apply them in another. Three techniques to think analogically:  1) Integrate excursions into your weekly routines.  Immerse yourself early and often in the places of most potential.  Don’t look in places just because the light is on there.  Bring your lantern with you and look in the most opportune places.  2) Go on a wide variety of diverse physical field visits to include conducting interviews, observing and walking the processes where you want to gain a deeper, keen insight.  3) Conduct literature scans of diverse materials to include trend data, specialized publications, magazines, newspapers, websites, videos and books.  Look for ideas in unique places and ask: ‘How to apply/force-connect these ideas to your challenge, problem or opportunity?’
  2. Elaborate but not excessively by adding enough detail to ideas and concepts to improve, embellish or transform them. Use the following set of jump sparking questions to assist your efforts:  ‘What if we exaggerated it?’ ‘How about a blend?’ ‘How to increase value inexpensively?’ ‘What if we changed colors, taste, visuals, sounds or feel?’ What if we made it stronger?’ ‘How to minimize it?’ ‘How about adding in a secret sauce ingredient or two?’ ‘How to change the pace, the schedule or the timing?’  ‘What to do without?’ ‘What if we turn it backward or do just the opposite?’    
  3. Make New Combinations by taking something that currently exists and adapt it to develop new applications, purposes, relationships or uses. Integrate more incubation time periods into your problem solving, idea finding efforts.  Use the natural power of incubation to pause, step away from the issue, put some distance between you and it.  Defer judgment, don’t force a decision prematurely.  Let your ideas flow freely and allow  your innate associative thinking capabilities to do their work.  Prime the pump so insights, ideas and new combinations find you – more novel ideas jump into an optimistic and calm mind.

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