“Sometimes you just need a little push to break out of your old habits. Dan's new book helped uncover my barriers to creative thinking.”

—Todd Brezler, Vice President of Marketing,
Mitsubishi Power

The Excelsior Advantage

It's the Energy

The content is brought to life through a high-octane mixture of creative learning methods, hands-on, high participation levels and fun…no exceptions. People learn best when they actively engage with the content, are challenged appropriately and enjoy the experience.

Off the Shelf is off the Mark

All programs are designed and developed to the unique needs of clients…no exceptions. Excelsior has never run the same program twice – it’s not possible because no two clients are the same and have the same needs.

From the Habit in

All programs have a 21 Day Challenge post-program built into them…no exceptions. Participants receive personalized coaching designed to jump spark and accelerate skill development…and anchor the use of strategies, tools and techniques as repeatable habits.

About the Founder

Dan Coleman, the founder of Excelsior Learning is consistently praised by his clients as a knowledgeable, energizing and entertaining speaker and trainer who brings fresh content, practical, easy-to-use tools and techniques and unique experiential learning methods to deliver training that sticks. He is a leading authority on teaching deliberate creativity – to accelerate the use of divergent and convergent thinking workouts and physical exercise to strengthen creative thinking and negotiation skills…and to anchor their use as repeatable, everyday habits.

Prior to founding Excelsior Learning, Dan led national account sales and negotiation teams at AT&T and American Greetings and consulted with Fortune 500 clients at Accenture. Over the past two decades, Dan has trained thousands of people in his trademark high-energy, non-traditional custom-designed programs.


“In his characteristic high energy style, Dan offers a unique approach to developing creative thinking skills.”

Ray Fisher, District Manager, Moen, Inc.

“Dan Coleman is a competent, energetic, and dynamic leader who has conducted training sessions all over the country. I have seen multiple organizations benefit from introducing and implementing many of the concepts and tools he developed.”

Robb Struckel, Director of National Accounts, Retail, Turf & Irrigation, ADS

“Dan shares his straight-forward actionable techniques to strengthen our 'Beyonder Powers.' His creative thinking tools and techniques work in the real world to unlock growth.”

Carla Kopyta, Director of Shopper Marketing, P&G

Programs & Coaching

get creativity fit

Get Creativity Fit

A dynamic, energizing and hands-on training program (in person or virtual) designed to strengthen creative thinking skills and to anchor their use as a repeatable habit.

Negotiate Agreements model


A dynamic, hands-on (in person or virtual) training program designed to strengthen negotiation, creative-problem-solving and communication skills.

custom programs image

Custom Programs

The design principle that cuts across all custom programs is – Off the Shelf is off the Mark. All programs are designed and developed to the unique needs of clients, no exceptions.

Get Creativity Fit!

Take three actions this week to Get Creativity Fit by strengthening your creative thinking muscle and anchoring the creative habit to be repeatable.

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