Fan the Hot Blue Flames

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Title: Fan the Hot Blue Flame: A Dynamic Method to Jump Spark Your Creativity and Innovation
Published by: Excelsior Learning
Release Date: April 14, 2021
Pages: 294
ISBN13: 978-1641845892


In Fan the Hot Blue Flames, creativity trainer and coach Dan Coleman jump-sparks us into action using his dynamic, results-focused method. Unlike any other book or program, he integrates a dynamic-duo combination of creative-thinking workouts and physical exercise to help us hunt the creativity that is inside us, Xccelerate it to full power and anchor its use as a repeatable, everyday habit.

The book is designed for people who accept the challenge, want to sharpen their creativity skills to a razors-edge and get creativity fit, solve tough problems and pursue opportunities in fresh ways. We strengthen our creativity muscle when we set the goals, adopt a tough-minded optimistic attitude and establish a regimen and cadence to exercise them every day. When we work out, we liberate the creative-thinker inside us and conquer the Resistors to creativity. Fan the Hot Blue Flames will teach you to:

—Anchor creative-thinking and physical exercise as repeatable, everyday habits.
—Increase your innovation productivity.
Lean into risk, embrace your dream and take proactive actions to go get it!

Welcome to the challenge!

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“Dan Coleman's work changes organizations because it changes people. I have seen teams transformed from mediocre to exceptional as they applied Dan's practices, tools and methods. Dan once told me 'You can't train to climb mountains on a treadmill, you gotta get in the work.' When I'm looking to get 'in the work' with energy, insight and creativity — there isn't a better coach in the world for me than Dan Coleman. I urge you to engage with his concepts — I dare you not to be transformed by his practices.”
Daniel J. Porter, bestselling author/executive coache/leadership development expert

“Conversations with Dan and using his approach in Fan the Hot Blue Flames ALWAYS re-energize me while helping me come up with better and bigger ideas—regardless of what I'm working on professionally or personally. His thinking encourages me to reach for my dreams so much more productively, while growing through, and enjoying the 'workout.' I highly recommend his book for much more effective ideation for solving problems and creating opportunities consistent with your dream!”
Paige Giannetti, R&D Executive of CPG Fortune 500 companies

“I have had the pleasure of chopping wood in Dan's creative thinking camp for twenty-five years. Dan's positive, energetic, 'must do' attitude has created a repeatable and teachable approach to unleashing one's creative spirit and mindset. I would highly recommend taking the time to engage yourself in the concepts and approaches outlined within and embrace the underlining theme of making creativity a part of your everyday routine. These proven approaches have helped guide thousands of successful people and can help spark the flame within you to achieve great things.”
Sean O'Donnell, Vice President, LLK Greenhouse Solutions

“I've had the opportunity to work with Dan Coleman over the last decade and have utilized Dan's boundless enthusiasm and energy to motivate teams, challenge our paradigms and help us tap into the creativity and talent that lies within each of us and our teams! Dan's positive attitude, use of humor and playful spirit provide a combination that can unlock great power to achieve amazing things while enjoying the journey. Dan's new book provides the reminders we all need to spark creative, innovating thinking in a really fun way!”
Tim Dye, Chief Commercial Officer, GOJO Industries

“The magic with Dan, which the book consistently reminds us, is the disciplined approach to skill development and the structured practices to do this. This was always what separated Dan from other consultants who many times just wanted to 'preach' their concepts but had very little follow-up or specific actions to develop the new knowledge.”
Brian Grenfell, Retired Sales Executive

Fan the Hot Blue Flames helps leaders, teams and individuals dramatically expand their vision and perspective in solving complex issues, challenges and opportunities facing organizations today. At Rinnai America, the Sales Leadership Team has applied many of the practical, but creative methods outlined in this book to develop breakthrough strategies and initiatives to accelerate our sales growth in the North American Market.”
Tim Wiley, Vice President of Sales, Rinnai America Corporation

“Sometimes you just need a little push to break out of your old habits. Dan's new book helped uncover my biggest barriers to creative thinking. On the solutions side, hours in the day for creative thinking feels like a shrinking ice cube, the idea of combining exercise with creative thinking is a practical and executable winner.”
Todd Brezler, Vice President of Marketing, Mitsubishi Power Americans, Inc.

“I really love the style and content of Fan the Hot Blue Flames! It uses clear language, is actionable, engaging, fun, motivating and right-sized — not too long, nor intimidating. The blend of content, the stories with historical quotes, followed by the fun of seeing it in action in the comic strip stories is great.

The flow is very well done and should work for all levels of experience and knowledge. The comic strip stories demonstrating the tools and value are nicely connected to real life situations and real business problems. I think the balance of substantial content + fun is just right.

Dan Coleman brings the energy — as usual — and makes the knowledge and tools actionable. Now it's up to us — the readers — to apply it and get creative in ways that advance against all of life's challenges!”
James W. Arbogast, Ph.D., Hygiene Sciences and Public Health Advancements VP

“In his characteristic high energy style, Dan offers a unique approach to developing creative thinking skills. Using specifically crafted superhero characters created to represent the 'Beyonder' abilities of attitude, power and knowledge, he introduces the various concepts that research has shown lead to outstanding results. In addition to simply presenting and discussing each concept, he provides illustrated examples that underscore the key points he is making in an entertaining way. Truly a unique and effective way to learn new approaches and innovative solutions.”
Ray Fisher, District Manager, Moen, Inc.

Fan the Hot Blue Flames is an action-packed culmination of the best creative thinking and innovation tools available today. The reader will clearly understand the power of creative thinking and how it can increase their ability to overcome challenges and accomplish goals they never thought possible in their professional or personal lives. If you are an emerging leader in a professional organization striving for the benefits of greater levels of innovation for your teams, this book is for you!”
Jeff Kesler, Vice President Sales North America, Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

“Dan shares his straight-forward actionable techniques to strengthen our Beyonder Powers. His creative thinking tools and techniques work in the real world to unlock growth.”
Carla Kopyta, Director of Shopper Marketing, P&G

“As a leader in new product development for over 40 years, I have been exposed to a multitude of creativity processes. Most are overly cumbersome and difficult to use in a fast-paced world demanding quick solutions. In his thought provoking and clever book, Fan the Hot Blue Flames, Dan utilizes a combination of content, real life examples, humor and comic strip characters to tell the story and demonstrate a simple way to teach and use creative processes.”
Robert L. Quinlan, Retired Director of Engineering

“Dan provides clear, compelling ways to change the way you think about your creative output and your ability work out with passion and purpose. Not only does he provide sound actions to help you reach that 'highest potential' his focus is tough minded growth with no excuses and an urgency to do it because that is what Dan has done for clients for decades. Dan's solid coaching and training expertise combined with his scholarly credentials in the field of creativity studies takes you not just to the next level but way beyond. You will be introduced to superheroes whose powers propel you forward in your quest for exceptional leadership and guided step by step toward your greatness. You will learn what to focus on, what to watch out for and how to keep your momentum going to superior thinking and acting through the combination of creative endeavors and physical fitness, all weaved into superhero stories. As the author states, 'It's Your Time' and your imagination will prevail!”
Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers, Associate Professor, International Center for Studies in Creativity, SUNY, Buffalo State

“The methods and tools that Dan discusses in the book have proven successful across my Sales, Product Development and Customer Support teams. His unique approach in the book provides an easy roadmap to understanding and cementing the behaviors into habits. With each of my teams, I saw marked improvements, which resulted in new clients, reduced contract cycle time, quicker to market product features and better customer satisfaction. Each of my team members learned something new about themselves and was able to demonstrate success in their individual roles.”
Louis Rose, Retired Executive

Fan the Hot Blue Flames by Dan Coleman is an intriguing and insightful journey that will propel you forward to unlock your creative and innovating potential. I appreciated the novel use of storytelling and superheroes to illustrate how to daily integrate the behaviors necessary to create and master our pursuits. He firmly challenges us to soar, 'look past barriers in your life (real or imagined) and reach for that shining star'! I am reminded through his use of best practices, tested concepts, models and tools that we all have music inside and we must 'reach way down into our belly, pull it up and belt it out time after time.' Fan the Hot Blue Flames is more than a good read, it introduces a new way of pursuing our most sought-after goals and fundamentally our ever-elusive purpose — CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”
Renital L. Jefferson, MBA, GPCC, PCC, Global HR Executive

“This book provides an excellent roadmap to jump start your creative thinking individually or as a team and with a fun and memorable approach. I have personally used the concepts and applied the tools that are presented. I have been able to identify problems more effectively, generate more ideas, and in the end implement better solutions through the teachings in these pages. I highly recommend giving your creative juices a chance to exercise and strengthen through exploring this author's book. Dan Coleman is a competent, energetic, and dynamic leader that has conducted training sessions all over the country. I have seen multiple organizations benefit from introducing and implementing many of the concepts and tools he developed. 'Fan the Hot Blue Flames' and strengthen your creative muscles!”
Robb Struckel, Director of National Accounts, Retail, Turf & Irrigation, ADS