Get Creativity Fit and Jump Spark More Innovation

Get Creativity Fit and Jump Spark More Innovation…is a dynamic, energizing and hands-on training program (in person or virtual) designed to strengthen creative thinking and innovation skills and to anchor their use as a repeatable habit.  The program provides team members with tangible, easy-to-use divergent and convergent creative thinking tools to become more skilled and effective creative thinkers and innovators.  The three guiding principles of the program are:

  • The Driving Force Behind all Innovation is Creativity.
  • Behind Creativity are Positive, Proactive Habits.
  • If you want more Innovation, Strengthen and Anchor the Creative Habit.

The audience for the program is professionals who have responsibility to produce more novel, valuable and feasible ideas and concepts. Upon program completion participants will be skilled to apply divergent and convergent creative thinking tools to:

  • Clarify and prioritize the best challenges, problems or opportunities to pursue.
  • Generate more novel, valuable and feasible ideas and concepts to solve the key challenges.
  • Strengthen the ideas and concepts to be implementation ready.
  • Conquer the five primary Resistors to creativity.

The program contains a robust mix of high energy content bursts, action learning exercises, and application to the specific challenges, facilitated discussions, and expert feedback that enable participants to encounter immediate learning and apply it to their current situations.  The program fosters a supportive climate so participants can engage in a highly innovative, enjoyable and productive manner.

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Negotiate Agreements @ Aspiration Point… Or Nothing!

  • Negotiate Agreements @ Aspiration Point…or Nothing! is a dynamic, hands-on training program for individuals and teams that provides a powerful combination of Collaborative, Competitive and People-Centered Negotiation Strategies, tools and techniques to strengthen negotiation skills and processes. 

The audience for the program is professionals who have a need to strengthen their negotiation muscle and a responsibility to negotiate more profitable agreements for their organizations.

Upon completing the program participants will be skilled to…

  • Apply a thorough planning framework to plan for and manage negotiations.
  • Apply Collaborative Negotiation Strategies to increase the size/value of the pie.
  • Apply Competitive Negotiation Strategies to compete for and claim a larger slice.
  • Apply People-Centered Negotiation Strategies to strengthen working relationships with key people.

Throughout the fast-paced program participants develop thorough negotiation plans, practice the skills via multiple negotiation simulations/role plays and learning exercises and receive peer and expert feedback.  This framework fosters a supportive climate that enables participants to encounter immediate learning, to develop and strengthen their skills and to increase their confidence level.

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Custom Programs & Coaching

Custom Programs

Over the past twenty years, Excelsior has worked with a wide variety of clients across a diverse set of industries to design, develop and deliver custom learning programs.  The majority of the programs have clustered in three primary skill areas:

  • Creative Thinking and Creative-Problem-Solving
  • Custom Programs in Sales and Sales Management
  • Negotiation

The design principle that cuts across all custom programs is – Off the Shelf is off the Mark.  All programs are designed and developed to the unique needs of clients, no exceptions.  No two clients are the same or have identical needs so delivering an off the shelf program is simply off the mark.

In addition to the uniqueness of client needs, also embedded in the design method is an attitude, an abundance philosophy that the client organization is currently doing many things right.  To that end, the question we ask is, ‘What’s right with the team?’  Using that frame of thinking as a starting point, we 1st take the current best (or darn good) practices and map them.  2nd, we ask, ‘What do you want to see more of happening?’  That question gets us stirring the creative thinking pot (we supply the stirring paddles) and we move forward to improve on the practices through divergent and convergent thinking workouts.  The output of these workouts is a nice learning design blueprint.

By investing sufficient upfront discovery time with key people in the client organization we are able to develop an appreciative understanding of what is currently working – and what is possible.  This puts us firmly in a good place to ensure that our learning design is truly on the mark!  Now we’re cooking with gas!

Following are three examples of learning outlines of custom programs:


The purpose of the Custom Coaching Service is to provide coaching to individuals and small groups to strengthen and Xccelerate skill development, and to anchor the use of methods, techniques and tools as repeatable, everyday habits.  The 4-step method:

  • Step # 1:  Assess, identify and prioritize the skill development needs.
  • Step # 2:  Collaborate and develop a custom 28-day plan to exercise and strengthen the targeted skill muscles every day, no exceptions.
  • Step # 3:  Implement the plan daily and assess results.
  • Step # 4:  Conduct coaching calls weekly and make necessary adjustments.

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