Leverage the Unique Powers of Plusser and Strike Fear into The 3 Headed Gremlin – Week of November 15, 2021

PLUSSER beyonder - featured

…has the unique Powers to cobble together and Strengthen a Concept/Prototype.  She does this by taking the ideas from her sidekicks Micro-Burst and Prism and cobbles them into an actionable concept/prototype.  She then finds the plusses and potential in the concept/prototype, uses goal wishing to identify the drawbacks and generates options to overcome them.  The outcome she produces is a Best Concept/Prototype.  And in doing, she strikes fear into The 3 Headed Gremlin and boldly proclaims that Imagination will Prevail.

Her Powers are:

  • Put Ideas in Context
  • Evaluate and Select It
  • Strengthen It

Take these actions this week to Get Creativity Fit, strengthen your creative thinking muscle, anchor the creative habit to be repeatable and strike fear into  The 3 Headed Gremlin.

  1. Put Ideas in Context by using a wide-angle lens so people can first see the big picture, the essence of the idea/concept before diving down into the details. Second, synthesize/integrate the ideas and cobble them together into an organized concept/prototype so it is straightforward to communicate.  Third, communicate the substance of the concept/prototype by showing its relationship to something that is known, understood and valued by other people.  Use metaphors to assist your efforts.  You do not want your audience to think the concept/prototype is too far out or costly and prematurely discount it.  And fourth, quantify the economic value of the concept/prototype even it is difficult to do so.     
  2. Evaluate and Select It by thinking critically and using criteria to help deduce sound conclusions. When evaluating and choosing among various ideas/concepts, your best friend is sound, weighted criteria.  An idea selection grid, a two-by-two opportunity matrix/grid or a paired-comparison grid will all work nicely.  If working in a group, using a grid will help you to facilitate a rich discussion and needed consensus.  Give the concept/prototype a fair hearing and do not be hasty in making decisions prematurely.  Ensure the option you select will achieve a moderate to high return and not be too difficult to implement.  No need to go over the fence at the highest point!        
  3. Strengthen it by taking the time to first identify the plusses and potential of ideas and concepts. Listen for what’s right about them and work to strengthen and ask, ‘What are the 3 plusses of this idea/concept?  If working in a group, have everyone share their 3 plusses.  Then transition to the potential of the idea/concept and ask, ‘In a future where this idea/concept has been implemented, what is the potential of it?  If working in a group have everyone share their potentials.  From there, segue and use goal wishing to surface the drawbacks of the idea/concept and ask, ‘I wish there was a way we could…’  Prioritize the drawbacks and generate additional options to overcome or minimize the drawbacks.  If working in a group, follow the same process.  If you cannot sufficiently overcome/minimize the drawbacks, the idea/concept is not strong enough to move forward with.

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