Leverage the Powers of Black Diamond and go after your Dream – Week of 12.13.2021

BLACK DIAMOND beyonder - featured

…has a built-in compass to consistently navigate competing challenges, Fight the Right Foe, outsmart and outmaneuver them.  Most often it is not a fair fight.  He uses facts, data and logic to choose which foes to fight.  He prioritizes the challenges that he has the energy, passion, expertise and resources to pursue, and those that will deliver the greatest impact.  With his ability to laser focus he prevents expensive false stars that consume valuable time, resources and energy.

His Powers are:

  • See It
  • Find It
  • Be Versatile

Take these actions this week to laser in on your Dream/Big Goal, Get Creativity Fit, and anchor the creative habit to be repeatable.

  1. See It: There is nothing stronger, more energizing or powerful than a Dream.  If you can Dream it, you can do it.  Dreams fight, they have staying power.  Determination and tough-minded optimism will always overcome disappointment.  Desire and focused action will always conquer defeat.  Dreams will always remain standing and prevail.  Ask:  What is your boldest, most daring Dream?  Deep down, what is your life purpose?   What are you uniquely talented at, love to do and should be doing most of the time?  As you think about your future vision, ask:  What is your head/logic saying to you?  What is your heart/emotions saying to you?  What is your gut/intuition saying to you?  Take some time (not too much) answer these questions…then get going and Lean into Risk! 


  1. Find It: With your Dream/Big Goal in focus, identify multiple paths for a successful ascent.  The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Ask:  What vital few data, details, facts and information are required for a successful ascent?  What data, facts, information rise above the noise?  What do I really need to pay attention to?  In the medical world, the four main vital signs are heart rate, temperature, pulse and breathing rate.  Identify your main vital signs:  Ask: What are the most pertinent facts and information?  What does the data tell me?  What does the data not tell me?  In addition to logic, what do my gut feelings, intuition and instincts tell me to do?  Do not get stuck and over-study it – Xcelerate your momentum forward!


  1. Be Versatile: Pay attention to your unique calling.  Think big, Lean into Risk, embrace your Dream and take proactive actions to go get it.  Persevere, never let it go or every give up.  Take the actions for the long run.  You will encounter obstacles, naysayers, hostilities, quicksand and inclement weather to name a few.  You have a number of options at your disposal to include:  charm them; kill them with kindness; barrel over them; collaborate with them; outsmart them; and outrun them.  They will tire, you will not!  What is the Dream that is in you?  The one you need to go after with every passionate and enthusiastic fiber in your body?  The American philosopher and essayist Ralph Waldo Emmerson said: Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!

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